Welcome to the Contemplative Mathematics Pedagogy Wiki!


This is a wiki to collect and share information on contemplative pedagogy used in college-level mathematics. Although college math is the target classroom some, perhaps most, of the activities will also be relevant to K-12 math classes, and adaptable to non-math classes.

We need contributors to make this work. If you are a college math professor with experience using contemplative pedagogy in your courses, please consider contributing!

Activities are divided and tagged using a classification roughly based on one used in the book Contemplative Pedagogy in Higher Education, by Daniel Barbezat and Mirabai Bush.

Categories of activities:
Reading & Writing
Essences & Beholding

On January 8, 2016, we organized a day-long contributed paper session at the Joint Mathematics Meetings, titled Contemplative Pedagogy and Mathematics. Visit this page for information on speakers, talk abstracts, and slides.

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