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This wiki aims to be a database for contemplative mathematics pedagogy. We ask that our contributors meet two criteria:
  • have experience teaching mathematics in a college or university (two- or four-year)
  • have used contemplative pedagogy in these classes

If you meet these criteria, we would love to have you write up an Activity page about what you did and how it went. We are mostly interested in reports on activities that have already been tried at least once. But if you have a proposal for an activity, this is also welcome.

Contact Luke Wolcott at luke.wolcott@lawrence.edu, and he will send you an invitation to edit the wiki. Then use the following instructions to add your own Activity pages.

As a member of the wiki, you will also have the ability to leave comments and add discussions to pages. At the moment comments are not open to the public.

Instructions for making an Activity page

  1. Click on page icon in upper right to Add Page.
  2. Give your page a name. It can be bland like "Mindfulness in Differential Equations at Lawrence" or unique like "Math is a Finger"
  3. Tag your page as fitting into one of the six main categories: Mindfulness, Reading&Writing, Essences&Beholding, Movement, Dialogue, Compassion. You do this by typing in the tag. You can add multiple tags, but please don't invent new ones.
  4. Choose the Activity Template. Click Create.
  5. Fill in the template as you desire. Put your name at the top, and add a link to the appropriate category. The bold headings (Summary, Class Information) are suggestions for sections to include, but you can change these, delete some, add others. When you save the page, it will generate a Table Of Contents on the upper right, using these headings.
  6. Feel free to make it as hyperlinked as you want, with links to other pages in the wiki, or various other websites. Feel free to upload PDFs or images.
  7. Each author will also have a tag, e.g. LukeWolcott, on each contributed page. This gives an easy way of indexing and searching pages by author. You can tag your own pages if you want, but I am happy to do this for you.